S: Sunshine Sequin Sparkle Shark

The Wishbone Alphabet – an experiment, of course, with attitude, life and the eponymous soup.

Saturday’s short sunny scribble, scrutinising some symbolic stuff.

Sunshine is reciprocal. Once upon a time I was all squashed out like road kill, and the weather was sternly grey. I saw a sign for a sun shower booth, not something I would normally try. Just a few minutes of pretend sun put some smile shape back on my face. Effectual emergency treatment.
Sequins are metallic discs that take light in, and in the process of reflecting add theatrical enchantment. Although tinsel was my first razzle-dazzler; the magical density of nativity play haloes. I was not destined for ballet, the scuffle in the changing room and my red shoes in the cluster of pale pinks were obvious retrospective proofs; but the glamour of performance gets me every time.
Sparkles are anything that refract light, unsplicing colour. Rainbows are part of the universal show. Hanging a bit of cut glass in a window, the multihued slivers held in a bubble, yes, I am that easily amused.
Sharks are ancient oceanic beasts of instinct. They are curious about the world; simultaneously self-contained. They can seem monstrous, though their lines are so perfectly drawn. 


Teresa Cypher said…
Such a way with words. The red among the cluster of pale pink... The visual is amazing. Speaks volumes and volumes.

Wonderful--equating sunshine and sparkles.

You are like me; we are crows. Attracted to shiny, sparkly things ;-)

Have a wonderful Sunday, Lily!
Stephanie V said…
I am a magpie...I love shiny stuff! And sequins are one of my favorites. This always amazes people because I'm not a glamor person at all. But I do enjoy a bit of sparkle. And I would love to have a sun shower booth.
Lynn Proctor said…
sparkles and sequins and sunshine--what a bright happy post
Lisa Southard said…
Very pleased to have brought some dazzle to your weekend! Hard not to love shiny stuff :-) xx
Suze said…
Jesus Christ, Lisa, this was brilliant. My jaw was hanging open by the end of that.

It is very hard for me to describe exactly what happens in my mind's eye when I read your words but if I could articulate it, it would sound a lot like what you have written, here.

I love coming in contact with another artist who takes such care with their meticulous prose selection to achieve a very specific effect -- that of giving off light.

Or maybe you don't work at it, like I do. Maybe it just comes naturally. It certainly reads like it does.

Tipping my hat with a subtle joy.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Suze (blushing!) It does sometimes flow with annoying ease- but in the way that the dance flows for a dancer who has trained everyday for years and years and years!! I am meticulous about it, I never take it for granted and when people appreciate it, it makes the long long years of training worthwhile :-)
Suze said…
'It does sometimes flow with annoying ease- but in the way that the dance flows for a dancer who has trained everyday for years and years and years!!'

Full-on crying.
Lisa Southard said…
Handing tissues! I actually sat down and thought about how long I've been writing... years and years and years just about covers it. It's a long tough road innit? xx

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