Three Girls Learning

Family archive picture- my stepsister, now a mother of two lovely girls :-)

Book held picture-side out, some of her hair plaited and some escaped, Little Granddaughter instructs Baby Cousin on the nocturnal habits of farm animals.
'A chicken goes to sleep. A cow goes to sleep. A pig… goes to sleep.'
Baby Cousin, wide eyed, absorbs shapes, colours, direction of sound. Her hair is fair and fluffy and some months away from any kind of up-do.
Her big sister's hair hangs waist long, darkish shades of blonde. There's a spider bite scar on her shin where a white-tail hid in her bedding once. A spooky Facebook tale is the culprit for last night's interrupted rest.
… and he didn't pass it on and they found him in the sewer…
We tell her it is nonsense, of course.
She smiles, sheepish, in daylight, away from fleeting shadows.
Yeah, she knew that.


I like your Facebook joke.
Suze said…
It is good and right that the heart of a child should be at rest.

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