Theatre Of The Toddler Absurd

'Are you bonkers, little one?'
'No: I'm Daddy's pumpkin!'

Breakfast is served on an upturned box. One must sit sideways in a decommissioned car seat. It's not meant to be comfortable, nor complacent. It was funny but then we saw a cat.
Everyone must regard the cat.
The shop sells only elephants and giraffes. Not socks. If you ask for socks you will be treated as suspicious.
Once upon a time, a monkey. And a sheep and cows are my cows, big cows. The monkey is paintin. Is paint, yes? Please keep up with this narrative or eyes will roll, proving your idiocy.
Obedience costs one banana.
Wellington boots can be put on and kicked off repeatedly. At some point they will put themselves on the correct feet.
When it is time to chase a butterfly, it that time and no other.
Is there any poo? Let's find a poo.


Suze said…
Those images are stunning, Lisa.
Geo. said…
Hah! You're very clever, young lady, but we spent the whole day with our three-year-old grandson and understand this beautiful narrative perfectly.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Suze- this is one of my favourite fields and of course a rather favoured subject :-)
Geo- How lucky we are!

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