Cabbage Farts Of The Lower Jurassic

Here is some family gathered round a table.
Here is some drawing work by Granma and Little Grandson.

They ink out dinosaurs enjoying a diet of cabbage that plays tuneful havoc with prehistoric digestive systems and may account for dinosaurs not hosting family dinners.
There is some confusion over what a Triceratops looks like.


Next day Baby Girl takes the lead in a pocket-filling pram stroll. They find sour sloes, a sweet apple, blackberries of all kinds, bunches of grapes and one pair of hairdressing scissors in the generous hedges. Nice neighbours give them a cake. A whole iced chocolate and vanilla sponge on a plate. It was spare to requirements in their house.
It sat on the worktop while a roast dinner was appreciated.
But… back at Granma's house… Boy cut his hand in a kayak roll accident and there are bills to pay and the phone won't talk to the laptop.
Pictures are laboriously emailed.
Boy's hand is glued up and wrapped.
Granma asks Grandad to fill up a wine glass and reviews the weekend's artwork.


Suze said…
I'm soo sorry about the kayak accident. :(

Lisa Southard said…
Boy is cheered by your care- it's just a flesh wound, but at an awkward point between thumb and first finger. Left hand, and he's a right hander so could have been worse! x

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