Strange Luck At The Southern Championships

Saturday is an early start. Before the sun rises from shapes in mist there is bacon, beans, egg and toast. I forgot my sunglasses, have to squint across Devon to the palm trees of Paignton, until I am in the hall that echoes with anxieties and gathered friends. Today I wear my yellow shirt: it means I am here to shoot troubles, shush nerves, mop stuff up. Today I have a solo small boy to usher, and one lost, and three wrong divisions in two adjacent rings. I have some permissions for photography to liase, one post-fight cry, one pre-fight potential sickness. Where am I queries go uncounted. Two please don't let me miss my fight but I need the loo dilemmas, one sorry kids you missed your call. One big yell for a medic to the men's tag team event. One bout of fielding medical questions to a crowd of puzzled children. A dislocated knee, I tell them, rarely fatal, often painful. Yes, to hospital, I tell them, he can have an anesthetic then while the patella is repositioned. Oh lucky, says a wide-eyed lad: I had that when a dog bit me it was the best sleep I ever had!
Assured that all is well off they run to find out more stuff about the world.

My niece and her beau bring back some Southern bling.  


Suze said…
I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Lisa. Almost envy you the energy of it all. :)
Hi-ya, Lisa. Good to see you again. And it really DOES seem like "seeing", you know. Your posts are always so deliciously descriptive, I feel like I'm right there with you, looking over your shoulder. I could almost smell the bacon and hear the buzz of excitement. Terrific post!
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Suze (as always!) If you were here Susan I would have shared my bacon :-)

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