Careless Wish

This morning, white river mist trims the dark valley slopes: in the sky, gold sorbet cloud. My eyes follow and rise. I receive the sight like a blessing. Yesterday's yearning for a heated beach is scoffed at. Until I take myself back to our little office room and sit at my desk, then it makes more sense. I'm ready for my reward now, for a shore of cash. Up lights the laptop screen. Bing! I got blogmail:

'Can I simply say what a comfort to find someone that really knows what they are talking about on the internet. More people ought to read this and understand this side of the story. You surely have the gift. I can definitely help you to get your talent shown and recognised worldwide, visit my website: CashLoansForValium&FashionPurchase.'


Friko said…
The same person/s follow/s me around, lavish with praise, then in for the kill. Sadly, I hit delete long before I've read to the end now.

Mist is my colour of reality rather than choice now; still, I venture out, otherwise my bum would be in danger of getting numb.

Send me some of your sorbet cloud, my valley needs it.

A big pile of coins would be acceptable too.
Lynn Proctor said…
hmmmm i haven't received this :)
HA! I get some of those spammy messages, too, and they really crack me up, But, hey, kiddo, how about if I tell you that you really have a gift for words? How's that? (And you don't even have to click onto some cookie-filled sales site, either.)
Lisa Southard said…
I usually delete, but they can be worth a read- Friko, hope the clouds arrived, still got my fingers crossed for gold! Lynn, this must be an oversight, or you have a superior spam filter :-) And Susan, you spoil me, and I like it :-) Thank you!

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