Tiny Horizontal

The first time Dog is brought to the cut field it is alien under her paws and the straw monoliths strike a fear into her dog heart. She slinks the edge of it, tail down. This second time, Dog perceives that there are birds to chase and she is gone, lost in the joy of the chase. She is a grain of rice, a tiny horizontal in the repetitive verticals of stalk. To the end of the field, full tilt, disappears into the drainage ditch. I trust in her return. I wait and the wind shakes my hair, flares my dress, breathes over my skin. There is warmth in the touch of it. The tractor treads under my feet have a pleasing solidity. When my speck of spaniel comes back, it is clear that the mud in the ditch is half a Dog in depth. We trot back up the lane; the wind hollers overhead, turns all Dog’s fur backwards. 


Suze said…
'She is a grain of rice,'

Anonymous said…
It is almost dove season.
Introverted Art said…
What a beautiful tale of discovery. Dog is lucky :)
Lisa Southard said…
Dog has a fabulous life. It's always dove season for Dog :-)

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