Yesterday the evening sky was painted on in broad strokes, so accomplished I could have stood to applaud, only I was being driven beneath it in a VW Passat. Dreaming in the passenger side, the hedge flashes past, thoughts keep speed. There’s a cloud I see so pink and fluffy you could prong it on a fork and toast it in a fire.
Sleep well, after all that awe and gawping.
This morning’s sky is a scene of mountainous cloud peaks. From my seat at the oak bureaux I am smiling down on lively Friesians, huddling and milling like children in a gossipy school field. I can see fingers of dead branch on the fat trunked ash tree, see the hairy ridge of hedges huffle round the fields, see the flouting billow of treetops, catch the stalking yellow top of corpulent machinery. Between a square biscuit of ripening crop and the icy cloud summits, a strip of dark moorland. On the furthest hill, patches of field are stitched together by bobbled trees. 


  1. It all sounds so yummy and edible. Lovely images.

  2. It was delicious- so nice to be settling in here!

  3. It sounds delicious, I can almost picture it.

    You've been awarded a Liebster blog award btw.

  4. This is my favorite image from your post: hairy ridge of hedges huffle round the fields Poetry...PS I am your newest follower. Mary

  5. With eyes wide open there's beauty and magic everywhere...

  6. Thank you Jacqueline- I will check out my new Liebster on return from this weekend's camping!
    Thank you for the Follow, Mary, likewise I will be visiting your blog on return- I like the huffling hedges too- like enormous caterpillars!
    Gustaf- very very true! Eyes open wide is the way to view life :-)


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