Leibster II

As well as being inclined to operate swiftly, one likes to conserve energy, so now I’ve hit on the idea that when nominated for an award, I simply check out and re-nominate my fellow awardees, I shall adhere to this self established protocol. If you are seeking out new blogs, simply follow the links- there is quite a range of stuff here, as I would expect from Jacqueline at Blether, she likes to mix it up (that's her lovely dragonfly symbol picture above.) She has kindly put forward this list, and asked of us some questions, which I shall not be lazy or sneaky enough to wangle out of.

1. Renae at *simple sequins*

2. Mary at merrydotdandy

3. Starr at The Kiefer Cottage

4. Lily Tequila at Wishbone Soup Cures Everything

6. Bama Trav at Bama Trav

7. Phanit at Considerations

8. Estilio Sierra at Estilio Sierra

9. Debbie at Flower Child Designs

(Except I probably shouldn’t have left my own blog included- only now I’ve done it, it seems rather droll, I’ll leave it there while I stand here with my sheepish grin.)

Jacqueline’s questions, my answers:

1. Why?
If it’s important to know why, you will work it out. Via Google, usually.

2. You have the power! The superpower! What power is it?
A telekinetic ability to make people immune to advertising, peer pressure, or any kind of measuring the worth of self or others by material possessions.

3. Are you Clark Kent, Magneto, or Wesley from The Princess Bride? Or are you Lois Lane, Cat Woman, or Princess Buttercup?
I think I might be a bit of each. Not in a Frankenstein’s monster way, but metaphorically. (Assuming the question is metaphorical as six names are mentioned and eleven of us have been asked? Or is it implied that five of us might be imposters? Or is it that I drank too much coffee?)

4. You dream of the past, I know you do, what would be your perfect era?
The word perfect makes this tricky- I would have liked to ride with Ghengis but the violence would mar the experience. Quite like the look of the Bronze Age: would miss a hot bath. Love Medieval ingenuity: dislike the religious pogroms.

5. What have you listened to most recently?
The Star Wars version of Call Me Maybe, which I found on Jake's blog. 

6. In what medium do you best express yourself?
Written word.

7. For 24 hours you may change the world to suit yourself; in what way would you change it?
A global reconciliation and forgiveness virus infects everyone. The ensuing happiness could prove irreversible.

8. What comforts you?
Many things, such as hugs from people I love, chunky mugs of deeply dark coffee, beautiful art, beautiful nature, a gently central feeling of well being, of being part of beautiful nature. Writing is a comfort. It helps to focus on how attitude affects a situation. It’s not what you see, it’s how you see it that counts.

9. You are locked inside a white room, do you try to escape or do you grab crayons and/or paint and use the room as a blank canvas?
I would naturally lean towards playing in paints before testing my escape routes. Seems a surreal situation, so drawing a lobster could work. And a bottle of wine. And a pot of glitter.

10. How difficult is it for you to say no?

11. You are at peace with yourself; how do you show others how to achieve that peace?
By exemplification. And encouragement: it requires practice.


The Cranky said…
As always, you have perfectly captured the spirit in which the questions were given. A lobster, a bottle of wine, and glitter...I salute your creativity. =)
Stephanie V said…
Love where your imagination takes mine. Great - and surreal - answers to some equally surreal questions.
Teresa Cypher said…
"A global reconciliation and forgiveness virus infects everyone. The ensuing happiness could prove irreversible." Love that, Lily!

And how difficult is it?? lolol... "No". Too funny--even if that wasn't the intention. ;-)
Lisa Southard said…
The 'No' was prompted by humorous intention- most of what I do has humorous intention! Doesn't make it less true, just less miserable :-)
Thank you Stephanie and Teresa :-)

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