Turning Earth

Turning earth for a raspberry patch uncovers two lizards and a pre-decimalised penny. First lizard scarpers under a rock pile. Second lizard runs over my hands; it has a bright orange blaze on its belly. I let it back to the earth. I love how lizards freeze on discovery. It seems that they assess the situation calmly, in a smartly proactive reptilian way. Mr rubs dirt from the coin. 1937, he reveals. George VI. The sun, unnoticed in the excitement, has simmered out, is blistering the sky. Girl arrives, takes Baby to the garden. She snaps Rabbit into a harness, takes him for a walk. Dog follows. Baby follows, wearing a sun suit and one shoe. Mr calls out that he has discovered a slow worm, I see it sss-ing across the drive, in its precious gold skin. What an extraordinary day, I comment, and quite forget to plant the raspberries. 


Suze said…
'I love how lizards freeze on discovery.'

Me, too! I live in a land of geckos and assorted little turquoise and lime or purple lizards and they do that *every* time! I have always been amused by this and now here is my first chance to share the delight of it with someone besides my daughter!

Hahaha and tralalee. Leave it to you to make me this happy over cereal and morning coffee, Lils.
Lisa Southard said…
Bouncing with excitement at the idea of free range geckos!! Always happy to share delight, especially with morning coffee :-)
I have always loved little lizards. One of our grandsons, who lives in Florida, used to like to catch those little guys and hold them next to his ear, so they could clamp onto it with their mouths. (teeth?) Then it'd look like he was wearing dangly earrings. He swore it didn't hurt, but I wasn't interested in giving it a try. Now, he's too "grown-up" for such things. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Some things are more important than planting raspberries.

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