A Time Of Plenty

This alien proved difficult to decimate. But quite helpful at fixing Buzz. 

Little Grandson has more swagger than all of the Rolling Stones rolled together. Him and Buzz Lightyear strut the kitchen floor, decimating alien forces and demanding biscuits. He gets a laugh and a banana. Dog and Bouncy Beagle are in the garden, stealing each other’s sticks. ‘Grandad,’ Little Grandson enquires, ‘is Dog my cousin?’ Cousin being a word which to him, we glean, currently means ‘a living being who is in my family group but does not live in my house and has not got an obvious title such as Grandad.’
For lunch, there is leftover meat, quiche, flan, pie, profiteroles, but no cheesecake- Boy finished that at breakfast. After summer pudding and lemon meringue pie. The fridge groans like our bellies. We go to Great Grandma’s house to refuse further food. Little Grandson gets his biscuit and a bag of duck food. Down at the canal, past a hissing parade of swans, we find a good lobbing spot. Two white swans, one black swan, two ducks, three drakes, four pirate gulls squabble on the dark mirror of waterway. Little Grandson throws handfuls over the rail, watches the wings flap, the beaks snap, the water splash. From solemn contemplation, a great laugh breaks. We run across the bridge. 

A very patient Dog is taken into space custody.


Anonymous said…
I used to let seagulls take bread out of my hand as they flew by down at the beach when I lived in Florida. They never bit me though.
Suze said…
Are we cousins?
unikorna said…
You seem like the merriest family in the world...and with the best food. Wow all those foods kinda made me drool a bit, I miss a good meal. You should stop by Eastern Europe sometimes Lily. I am a great host :).
Lisa Southard said…
Mr Bama, I am pleased to learn that Florida seagulls have manners. I love the boisterous birds but they are ill behaved in our coastal towns.
Suze: my American cousin, my soup sister!
Unikorna, I should love to do a food tour of the world- one of the low points of a low income is not having travel funds. I've noted the cake pics on your blog- your house is on the tour route, most definitely!

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