Boy And The Day Of The Envelope

The man behind the desk asks Boy to repeat his name, scuffles through the box of indistinguishable stationery. A white A5 envelope is plucked up, is politely accepted. Boy who says he is not nervous opens the envelope. Blank faced, scans the enclosed list. He chats. How can he be chatting- is that nerves? Or a good sign? I know not to fret, but I kind of want to just to fill the time. Boy strolls over: yes, the list is the list he hoped for.  Happiness for Boy. Sympathy for the ones who need to negotiate. Character building stuff, but it is cruel work building a character. Boy keeps his sympathy for the ones who accept how it is. I say, maybe they are happy: he says, how do they know? That he questions: that to me is the best sign of a genuine education. 


The Cranky said…
An education first promulgated at home I'm sure.

Thanks so much for your comment on my post; not quite so many thanks for having to clean the monitor. (I'd just taken a drink when I read your comment; I'll know better in future!) I can so picture you with the doll and understand completely why teddy bears have become the 'lovey' of choice, hehe.
Suze said…
Beautiful, Lily.
unikorna said…
Congrats for the Boy, he sounds like an excellent Man be.
Anonymous said…
I do know.
Lisa Southard said…
Jacqueline- should have given you a warning, sorry! But hooray for laughing!
Suze- thank you- looking forward to my Saturday catch up with your world :-)
Unikorna- I think we're on a good track here- time will tell!
And Mr Bama- that is a very bold claim, and I hope you do. Being content and happy is not to be balked at :-)

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