An Administrative Error Of Weather

Today we were given our old weather back, which must have been an error: a muddle up of cloud paperwork perhaps or a practical joke, or the storm had got home and remembered it had left its keys or a glove and had to come back to retrieve: it had a half hearted feel to it like it was bored of all this flood destruction too. Someone says, convincingly, that tomorrow the sun is strongly rumoured to be thinking of paying us a visit but, despite this swell of optimism, meticulous inspection reveals the weekly forecast symbols as a series of repeats: one podgy cloud, wringing wet. Days like these are good for dreaming.
Coconut rice steams in the oven. Lime pickle sharp against the salt-sweet rice; balmy spices in our Leftovers Curry. A conservatory is dreamt of: humid and abundant. It smells of citrus and coffee with undertones of damp slate. Viewed through glass roof frames the sky is continuously perfect.
Back in reality, in the field, the welly boots stick in mud, squelchy, still funny.


Geo. said…
A welcome respite from rain, however brief --and much needed, judging by the tree's expression.
Lisa Southard said…
Tree faces are amazing- this one still making me laugh :-))

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