Country Hotel

The holiday voucher is handed over at reception. Tea and scones are available. In the room a fine tassel hangs from a wardrobe key. Complimentary sherry in cut glass. Sash windows overlook carved owls, flagstones, lawn, curls of distant cloud.
A walk next: an exploration of Brent Knoll's steep gradient.
Curiosity is a great propellant.
The sky gods: feisty, buffeting, sending footprints off at quirked angles.
At the summit are craters, a grassed over moon surface. A 360 view spins, right to left, left to right, until it gets dizzy.
Path is a slipway of mud and water. A brook bubbles up and all the way back down to earth and a warm country hotel.
There is chintzy print and lampshades strung with beads.
Yes, lampshades wearing jewellery: seven courses on the taster menu; liberal use of balsamic: merlot unbottled, lemon cleansed palates, fat bottomed brandy glass, cutlery shining in low light.


Geo. said…
A room full of color and comfort! I can feel it from here. Curiosity is a great propellant, I concur. Must remember that in times of flatulence --sounds more excusable.
Lisa Southard said…
Beans are the best means for curious propulsions :-)
Oh that sounds heavenly, just what the doctor for a few too many knives for me to work my American little head around...
I love the red shoe/leopard print combination as well.

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