Queen Lily Makes A Speech

Christmas is a time for messages, Queen Lily asserts, waving a glass of dry sherry, so here's mine:
The pressure to conform is oppressive unless you ignore it, as is the pressure to react. The will to help, the ability to love, these are what makes you beautiful, what justifies your place in the world. Nothing you put on your face, in your wardrobe, in your bank account or display in your house or garage adds to you at all. But if you are a painted fancy rich curator in a big car I can still find something I do like about you: maybe you have a penchant for fun and a well stocked wine cellar? Every time a line is drawn between them and us the world stays divided. Learn by mistakes, lead by example and raise your glass, or your nice cup of tea, or wheatgrass shot or champagne flute; that's incidental, you probably realised, and let us toast the future of happiness, not just for Christmas but for always, at the heart of a healthy and truly wealthy world. Cheers!


The Cranky said…
Happy Christmas Queen Lily.
Geo. said…
ear hear! A fine toast.
Lisa Southard said…
Happy Christmas lovely people! xxx

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