The Page Unwritten

I love this about history: the stories; oh, best of all the stories: from conqueror to waif: from tectonic shifts of geology to the hatching of a rare egg: the feeling of otherness that one can glean from trying to understand another time, another place; the awareness of basic human experiences like love and financial insecurity, the shock of mortality, the inspiration of courage shown.
Only… if it were to gently rock to a stop... not a frozen in its tracks stop… perhaps a boat at a mooring on a fine weather day…
The focus, then, would it fall on the oddities of nature?
What if 2013 were most memorable for unusual cloud formation, for admirable sky colouration, for the best spider webs on record?
Do think of it, for sometimes one has had enough of the debris, of the way that people can be scattered, hurt, abandoned, lost, misdirected, miss the point, forget that all this has happened before in different clothes and make up and the outcome was not happy, it never will be.
Mankind has a drive to press an indelible print: part of what makes us lovely, part of what makes us disgusting. What is really worth your ink? A new year is a new page, unwritten.


Suze said…
I felt chills pass over both arms and my scalp as I got to the end of this post, Lisa. This morning, my father wrote me this in an email:

'welcome 2014 by examing your heart, i Bless you and all your work'

May those words be meaningful for you, too. Happy New Year. :)
Lisa Southard said…
Your father is a warm and wonderful chap :-) Happiness wished to you and all your family (includes cat) xx

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