Prefix Disco- Day

Eyes scrunched like old raisons. Ears water plugged. Feeling discontinued.
Crawling through words on metaphoric hands, illustrative knees.
Or is it discombobulated, that feeling? Discomforture?
Disci- Disco- means a disc, a phonograph, something that can turn around.
Crawling in woods, under growth, literal, actual. A circular route.
Dog's tail is like a map, a propeller. Round and round and round. Notably round.
Rain on the quarry pool, the flat mirror, broken.
Around a tree a vine has crept and died; rotted, snapped; the thought comes: what clings will not survive. When the rain stops, the water will still; flat; reflect.
Discipline with its connotations of restriction: it is how the word is viewed. It is not the crepuscular vine. Open water reflects it better.


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