Because Of

Storm Approaching

Water pours brown out of the tap, but hot, restfully hot. Window chinked open to let out steam. Swamp meets spa, lying in mud coloured water, peering through fog. Beyond the glass, trees lash, boughs crack, things whistle, flap, blow away. Storm air tendrils in, gentle-curious. Small dark bodied spiders tuck up in corners. One taupe slug navigates peels of paint, over on the wall where the mould is boldest. The geranium is making an effort. This thought, as the water pours, brown and hot, scooped up for rinses in the plastic pot that once held sweets at the Shaolin Circus:
That not in spite of this but because of it, happiness is here.
Dog loves Swamp Spa


Geo. said…
A fascinating tableau of textures and life-forms, a calm. Usually one is rushed into a habit of missing so much.
Lisa Southard said…
Yes, although I am aware that not everyone wants to admire a slug whilst lying in brown water. But if you can appreciate this, it bodes well for appreciation skills all round. The storm was a fabulous touch of course- no luxury competes with these natural dramas. All of which you know, Mr Geo. of course! :-)

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