Giraffes In The Bookshop

This day starts in the dark, with Little Granddaughter, Monsters Inc, Mr Small and Willy, a dreaming chimp.
She speaks as she finds: Christmas, jumpers, ponies, chocolate… where is the monkey… there is the monkey and he's asleep and he's singing and he's painting one banana 'nother one banana!
Streams of consciousness converge, diverge, trickle, surge. She sets up a bookshop, is called Shopkeeper now.
Teddy rests in Dog's basket. Dog sighs. Nam-ma hauls up one fringed blind, to watch the sky, leaves one shut, for warmth. Over a peaked range, solid on the horizon, between frayed edges the light lifts.
'What would you recommend, Shopkeeper?'
Nam-ma buys two giraffes and some giraffe clothes while her coffee brews.


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