World's Slowest Firework

Last night:
Rain on glass panes keeps me entertained, in pattern, in percussion. The view is dissolving in drops and the descent of darkness. An awareness flares, catches the heart of me in a healing flame: I picture it like a Christmas pudding, safe and warm under a dome of ignited rum. Maybe it is merely sleep hormones, maybe not; thoughts and feelings flicker in a balanced performance of shadow and light.

This morning:
Baby brushes my hair with the wooden hairbrush. I have a bruised temple to prove it. Reminds me of the phrase ‘that will knock some sense into you.’ We harness Dog to the pram and walk around the block of fields. Here the hedgerows are magical habitats, winding with wild rose, tumbling vetch of many colours: so many flowers I have not time to name them all. I note how the rose expands: a shoot reaches up, flails in breezes until the weight of leaves and buds arc it back to earth, to pop open flowers, circlets of sparking colour: like the world’s slowest firework. 


The Cranky said…
Your prose is hypnotically rhythmic, like being rocked to quiescence by a magically semi-somnolent fae.

Jumped over from Suze's blog.

I find there's often a camera in my hand, too. Visit one of my Sunday Safaris *smile*

- Mac
Jayne said…
" a Christmas pudding..." Love the imagery here, Lily. Such a peaceful post. Just what I needed today. :)
Anonymous said…
The rain here today was lovely, leaving pristine water-swept sidewalks & glistening grass.

Oh, I love the baby brushing your hair. Worth the bruise. ~Mary
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you everyone- I shall be making return calls shortly- but being between houses do not have full use of internet so I might be a bit late- and my comments a bit rushed! Shameful really, when your comments are so lovely! :-)
Kim said…
Oh my goodness - Suze did not lead me astray :) Such beautiful prose - I adore your description of a blooming flower as the world's slowest firework...
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Kim- Suze has marvellous taste- I was most pleased to discover your blog too!

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