Flight Path

Yesterday pen was not put to paper, nor fingerpads to keyboard. Sentences wriggled compulsively from behind distractions: I held them briefly in my mind, admired each form, let them fly into heavy rains. We aquaplaned to work and back. Thursdays are busy. We eat our evening meal in a lay-by; the hedge trees shake water all over the car, show us a picture of the world made of splodges.

Today a tide of cloud rolls in and the trees sway in wind currents. I have the picnic table set up in what will be our spare room, office and storage space. I am acclimatising to this new horizon. Some frustrations still, of what will and will not fit. 

Mr is in the kitchen teaching his drill some dreadful language. Boy is in his bedroom, keeping it tidy. Dog flops as though abandoned, waiting on a walk.
At the old place I could sit by the window while my thought process travelled along the valley out through the mountainous moorlands. Here I have not yet learnt the direction in which thoughts will flourish best, that is all. That the flight paths exist, I do not doubt. 


Suze said…
Your last sentence made my eyes sting with pleasure at your words.

Thank you for your insightful comment over at my place, today, Lily.
Stephanie V said…
What lovely views you have from that window. You always put words to feelings that I never knew I had.
Teresa Cypher said…
Wow, Lily. The view is beautiful. I wonder how long ti will take. Seems it is never a conscious decision--the inspiring view, the direction in which the muse dwells. Glad you are chugging along!
unikorna said…
You should direct your creative thoughts to imaginary places where everything is possible :). I really love your words :).
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you lovely people :-)

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