Arrive at the pending home before the new landlord; also a farmer, but the orderly kind that has time to tidy his hedges. It is pleasant to sit before the furniture lugging begins.
Boy’s bed lies over the flattened seats in a heap of slats. Boy himself is somewhere between Rosehill and a shop, on his bicycle and a mission to obtain a bacon sandwich. Girl is travelling with Mr and a bootful of book boxes. I will hear her laughing as soon as she opens the car door. She has always loved moving furniture. It will be Girl that steers the puzzlesome chunk of our bed base down the tiny staircase. A double act of Girl and Boy hinders and helps: I will think of the time they rolled across the airport at Larnaca, engaged in a spontaneous stage fight.
In this moment, though, sat alone in my car, I hear only the soft drops of rain, set my eyes on the mottling of sky, kempt lines of fields, the fat trunked ash tree.
Later; several carloads later, back at the old house, when Girl has gone to collect Baby and Boy is digesting his two helpings of bolognaise and Mr is making espresso on the gas hobs of Rosehill; I am imagining us at Lawhitton instead. 


Suze said…
'I am imagining us at Lawhitton instead.'

Lil, forgive me. I'm trying to properly understand this. Is Lawhitton the place from which you've just moved?

Another windswept in its loveliness post, my dear.
Teresa Cypher said…
Your mind is already making the leap. So bittersweet. :-) I am glad to read your post, Lily. I keep expecting you to vanish for a time :-) Hope the rain stops while you get acquainted with your new stomping grounds. :-)
Lisa Southard said…
Sorry for confusions- Rosehill is our old home, Lawhitton is the new one. Except now we are calling it Number Three. And currently living in both houses, which is confusing me! But the new home is taking shape and we like it so far :-)
Botanist said…
Sounds like you are moving with a positive mind, which is good.

Book boxes...I always find those are the last to be unpacked. It took us several years to fit a room with shelves in our previous house, and here, seven years later, most of our books are still in boxes. I miss them.
Lisa Southard said…
Seven years- there's some laid back unpacking! My dictionaries will be unpacked promptly, time will tell on the rest!
Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments- so briefly on internet at the moment must apologise if I don't reciprocate visits. So looking forward to resumption of normal service :-)
Suze said…
Oh, good! I'm glad your thoughts are on the new one!

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