Poor spiders, always drowning

The two roasting tin spiders were buried under a rosebush, I decided it would be the respectful thing to do; plus then they would become spider-ghost house guardians, always a useful addition to any household. The other weird thing I discovered one morning in our kitchen was the burnt earwig, standing in the middle of a gas hob, like an insect at Pompeii, a perfect ash statue of itself. 

Mouse cremations are rarely
Observed but here is an apostrophied
Corpse on a dried grass mound
Waiting for a starting spark

Stride through stratus, back to
My crumbly house, the sun
Also pushes, promises later
Heat, as this mist dissipates

Drama occurs in the roasting
Rack tin when two spiders are
Found drowned in the pig’s blood
Under the dinner joint

There are thirteen folk arts
Vital to this industrious cottage
Roasting meat is listed third
One of six respecting food

Mindful preparation of meals
Decelerates pace, accedes time
To love the taste of these
Our best and simplest pleasures

Washing up versus procrastination
More vacillation than opposition
As part of the internal debate
All cutlery is gathered into one saucepan

Organisation allows an overview and
It seems the number of plates is
Surmountable, so I will reach out
To the hot tap and the bubble mix

The glasses are rinsed first, generating
Maximum exultant sparkle, then as
Plates enjoy a relaxing scrub
Last night’s spice colours the water

Cutlery leans in the drainer caddy
Reflects multiples of me, ringing
Out the cloth, rediscovering the ease
Of washing up and hesitations cleared

While I shower, a third
Spider drowns, under the froth
Of shampoo, a farewell swirl of 
Legs in the plug vortex


Lisa Southard said…
My quest, if you haven't looked back to find out what I'm writing this for, is to find 1,000 moments in one day which are worthy of noticing, and I call these moments miracles not to be dramatic but because it is of vital importance to notice and appreciate your one unique life- you don't need lots of material stuff to be happy, you just need to open your eyes! xx

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