The Second Coffee

Boy (what we call him, not his real name) is always going outside just to see what's about. Ice is a particular fascination. He has a natural scientific curious exploratory type of mind. We found some human bones once, but we were exploring an abandoned church crypt. 

Signs of this family rousing
From sleep; Footsteps
Toilet flushes, mumbling
Retraced steps for things forgotten

Cereal bowls take their
Morning journey, cups swoop
From hooks, kettle flies
To tap and back, spoon tray clatters

Dog stares it is her Jedi mind
Trick to get breakfast
Every morning her bowl is
Replenished, clever mind trick

Washing machine jaw opens
On a side hinge, dirty clothes
Stuffed in to rumble
Through the belly drum

Second coffee. Around this
Percolated calm, problems arise
But the lost trousers will be
Inevitably, in the airing cupboard

Other lost items materialise, such as shoes
Drying on the hearth-stone, and they are
Found to be not in the place they were left
And no, forgetfulness cannot explain it

Second coffee, sip by sip, takes all this
Morning flounce in comfortable strides
Across this most familiar landscape, still
Can enjoy the cantankerous scenes
I watch them repeat my mood-skip
On seeing the mist, the tide of which
Has slipped down, but one can still, with
Vividness, conjure pictures of sailing ships

Washing machine ruminates
Boy ventures out to look for ice
He finds a piece of discarded mouse
He observes it as a right hindfoot

Above the vapour haze, heavenly
Blue unbounded, a band of bright
Atmosphere ties the world up
Proffers today as a gift


Boy said…
Go 313! Spanner's mind control powers *Feed, Walk, Play*

The Boy

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