First Visualise Your Roast

If you ever do get stuck in a menu rut, try picking a weekly theme. We initially thought we would do this for a year, but it lasted about two weeks- Mexican and Renaissance. Tequila slammers is not a balanced meal, in spite of the healthy lemon wedges. 

Boy steps carefully, eyes to ground
Mist disperses into temperate air
Follows his footprints up the lane
Lingering, hovering

Ground mist leaves grudgingly
Forms nostalgic clouds, inclined to
Reunite with the solid earth
Incomplete, suspended

Mr inspects his list of doing things
Weighs up weather, deliberates winter
And the firewood situation, he knows how
Many logs in the shed, calculates nights of fires

My list is immediate. Without parsnips
The roast is not what we have envisioned
Details make a life, meal by meal
Layers of flavour assemble

I will walk into town, in my town clothes
Not too muddy. Also raincoat and rubber
Boots; I have noted the pensive air
Pocket my shopping list for ease of access

This weathered red leather shoulder-bag
Holds means of payment, phone, emergency
Lipstick, key bunch, one romantic rail ticket
Momento; my pared down life

Ahead of schedule. Shops are not yet open
For business. Puzzling pause between jobs
Stalk the house for an interim task, if I stop
Tiredness will catch me up, I keep dodging

I’m not sure what to do so I think
About layers of authentic experience and
Caramelised parsnips. If you and the people you love
Remember some of this, life is delicious

Dog has decanted to her basket
Lies on her rope tug toy, all four limbs
Splayed upwards. Cat sleeps in the porch
Equally accepting contentment

One week we grew bored with shopping
Countered by theming the menu list, it was
Too much to think of, eventually, but there was that
Memorable Mexican tequila slammer teatime


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