Set of Six For The Least Popular Month

Some people love New Year (of course I do, I love almost everything) some people think it's just repetitive nonsense (they buy five year diaries) but not many people care for January, as this is traditionally the time to be cold, broke, fat and bored. All cycles are repetitive if you go round like a hamster in a wheel, it should be more of a spiral if you want to enjoy the ride. Have a destination, don't be restrictively obsessed by it, enjoy the journey and Have A Happy New Year! 

After the gluttony comes
January. Unpalatable cold
Vegetable juice month of
Icy treasureless bank vaults

If only we could sell off that
Excess fat. Attempt optimism
Devise detox for an altered life
It’s a harsh start, feeling that pinch

Toxins dig their dirty nails in
Spear the fretful sense of self
Will the butterfly emerge? What if it’s
One of those boring brown ones?

Delicate designs wobble at ground level
Above the constant mining
Safe cover remains an option
Not viable for the success of the plan

Insipid sun elongates hours
So fragile, so dilute, prognosis for
Spring rejuvenation is dubious
Anticipation iced under shiny frost

We take a cold hard look at ourselves
In this winter mirror. Pain is an illustrious educator
Learn limits, plot courses, build bridges, get there
Into the New Year, brave new you


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