Set of Six for Christmas

Whatever else you do over the winter holidays, time spent eradicating barriers to newly resonating embracement* is never time wasted.

(*Playing with tinsel, or tree baubles, or anything shiny)

String and foil makes tinsel, simple
Ingredients, which the youngest
And the oldest absorb best, one
For novelty, one for resonance

This is how I learn Christmas
My mother carries a tray, she
Is in her dressing gown, smiling, a
Whole mug of bubbly chocolate each

In twists of plastic and electric
Berry sized bulbs, recollections
Accumulate, associate, illuminate
Impressionable years of imagination

The tradition with Dog is to gather all
Discarded wrapping paper into one
Cardboard box, drop in one dog treat
Say ‘Find’ and cheer on the shredding

Cat will sit in her basket knowing, turkey
Scraps are coming, soliloquising, solemn faced
On canine clowning, as though a piece of
Twitched tinsel couldn’t cause kittenish pouncing

There is bewitchment in the twitching
Glimmer of tinsel, it can eliminate weight
Of expectation, eradicate the boundaries
To newly resonating embracement  


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