Sunday Aquanaut

Unnerved by the house move, rattled with a cough, Baby did not have her best sleep ever. Granma observes the world through tired eyes, it is like looking at the world through a slower medium than air. Baby zips about, tetris fish fashion, Granma lumbers.
After breakfast Baby diligently brushes her tongue, spits neatly upon the floor.

Leaves are dropping; lie in ruffles at the road edge. Dog runs and Baby sings. Leaves stick in pram wheels.

Later, when Baby is dropped home and drops straight to sleep on the sofa in the new front room where a small aquarium blows gentle bubbles, I drive home through a tunnel of trees that are baring branches, curved over the car, a wooden ribcage.
Shipwreck; whale; dinosaur? 


  1. 'it is like looking at the world through a slower medium than air.'


  2. The remnants of dreams shattered by a wakeful babe?

  3. Suze, sometimes being tired is a creative boon!
    Jacqueline- you could have a point! :-)


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