Quiet Day After A Busy Weekend

7 May, 2015

Rain lingered but it could not rain: the sky was so full of birdsong, there was no room.
Only sunlight could shine through that clear mass of sound.
Lawnmowers and birds, singing, and somewhere above, an aeroplane; a ruffle of foliage from an indulgent breeze.
All the weekend noise: speeches from Churchill on VE Day, knives and forks and spoons scooping up pie and mash and suet puddings, the band were fun, people were dancing and trying to dance; the hoot of grandchildren wrestling on a lawn while the barbecue spits and somebody catches a ball, the glee sounds of toddlers with chocolate cake; makes us smile to ourselves.
Striding around the garden, planning doom and repellence for pests, planting seeds; smiling.

 8 May, 1945

9 May, 2015


Geo. said…
An incomparable day described incomparably well.
Lisa Southard said…
Reflecting on adventures can be as much fun as adventures I find (and less likely to result in a hangover) :-)

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