Notes From A Car Park

It rains.
Car park trees hemmed in, captive.
Symbolic of a lessened world?
If the roots go rogue, then what?
Dream of growing beans up the sides of the prisoner trees, of everyone planting and making car parks futile.
A power of fertility.

More rain, in spite of the blossoms and pretty leaf: autumn weather.
Under the copper beeches, light and water drops.
Nearly a rainbow.
The leaves are russet-rosé.
Under the copper beeches you can bathe in a sparkling pink
Raise a toast to autumn:
To future harvests.


  1. Delightful pictures. I guess you are English as you say car park. I can't get my husband to stop saying that although we have been here for 40 years now.

    1. Well spotted Jo, guessing you would say parking lot? :-)

    2. Well I would, hubby wouldn't. LOL


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