The Weather Channel

Between the window and the bright sun is a heavy curtain of rain. Each drop falls shining. The ground becomes unstable, feet unable to direct, everything askance.
Snow settles, makes mountain peaks out of  high moorland.
Darkness snuggles down; unsettled snow flies under it, throws itself into adventures.
What is best about cars in heavy weather: the view, un-squinted.
As the moors pass, snow frequency lulls. Swirls in fine polkadots dance.
Beyond this the sky whites with lightening, strikes awe.

This morning hail stones, part melt, gather frogspawn-ish on a windscreen. They have a particular coldly weighted slump as the wipers clear.
The view is grey-blue, ice-smeared, flat as a screen.


Geo. said…
Now that's the sort of weather channel I would subscribe to.
Dixie@dcrelief said…
You wrote: "The view is grey-blue, ice-smeared, flat as a screen."
Yes indeed it is! How lovely too (smile).
Lisa Southard said…
I always love the weather, but it really outdid itself here!
Lisa Southard said…
Shared weather is the best kind :-)

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