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Busy, busy, building a platform: the strong hot hob on which to simmer wild flavoured soups. Please join me. I should like a queue. Bring your own bowl and spoon, maybe some bread, some butter. Add pictures, add words - soup, art, love, curiosities, writing, jam, sunsets, all the little incredible overlooked things framed beautifully - we will hang them on the walls of the virtual soup hall. 


  1. Lisa, I wish you great success in your new Facebook project. It sounds delightful. I haven't joined Facebook but a couple friends and several of my children have been after me for years to do so. Perhaps I will give in by and by.

    1. It's a marvel for me for work and family contact but it can creep in and replace real life if you aren't careful... You can get your virtual soup here, I shall reserve you a table place :-)

    2. Most kind. I still don't know if Facebook would be good for me.

    3. Blogging is more productive, methinks x

  2. Is it going to be complicated or is this real love?
    "Soup is good food." (smile)

  3. Facebook has been waiting for you!


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