Mindfulness Has A Cough

Poorliness bustles in, tells you to rest.
Just like that!
Naturally you are annoyed. This is not the space for interruptions.
There is no space for interruptions!
What, dear stupid, is another word you could use? Poorliness runs a hot hand over your brow, it makes the rest of you feel cold.
What is an interruption, dear stupid?
Can you hit a cough with a thesaurus? This is not helping at all! Interruption is intrusion, obstruction, is discontinuation… is interlude, a pause, hiatus…
Like a chrysalis, perhaps? Now drink up your turmeric and cough up some wings.
And you think about the cough. There is no regret in the early dark walk, where you saw the moon float in a field puddle. It didn’t matter then that you had forgotten your scarf, you were so rapt.
Why does it matter now?
This is how the story flows: allow it.


Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Dixie- I am awash with germs and good wishes and the good wishes are winning :-)
The Cranky said…
Gah, I'm still recuperating from my 'hiatus'... I wish you much swifter healing! Still, the reflection of the moon in a puddle is worth it, even sans scarf.
Lisa Southard said…
Sorry to hear that, Jacqueline, I'm sure you can't have been in need of poorliness by any name :-( The moon was worth it at the time, I'm a bit grumpy with it today. But the energy to grump says repairs are in place!

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