Tree Bench Busy

Alongside the river in the edge of the woods a path runs a course. Thorns are thin here, so bare legs can swing safely in the shade. Underfoot is a firm textured mud; the air smells of earth and water: a lively calm kind of damp. Dog makes clumsy sticks crackle in the undergrowth. There is bird song, there is the river burbling, there is my own muffled stepping on the soft track. For a while I sit, on the fallen tree bench, and dangle legs and throw sticks into the burble, and Dog throws herself with hilarious splashes. A swim is a tempting thing, but there is all this veiled scattering of light through the leafed trees and over the river to be watched. There is the surround of ornithological sound. There is the weight of legs, the ease of unburdened feet, the press of wood grain. There is the canine comedy. There are scents to appraise: musky, woody, fresh: sun on skin has a particular smell.
Salted human caramel?
There is coffee to be brewed and breakfast cooked: Dog catches up. Her wet tail slaps on my shins as she passes.


Now that is my kind of busy.
It is funny in this biglittle internet world how we can expand and dream about another's perfect or seeming perfect or moments of perfect. I like that you just share what is and let us go from there.
Lisa Southard said…
It is the best kind of busy! I think there is a tendency for people to focus on an ideal- and I have plenty of such inspirational stuff on my Pinterest boards- it is good to have those dreams but not at the detriment of overlooking what we already have. Thank you :-)

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