Lullaby Trees

The world looks like one of those panoramic pictures, letterbox shaped: viewed through a visor. Yawns burble up, are caught in an inconvenienced palm, pushed away. All the house is busy or crowded, all the garden sodden. A pitch is set in the polytunnel where the air is warmed to torpidity. Seedlings stand upright in a row, an earwig scouts the book pile, a fly makes a journey. The rest of us wilt. I see how the ash trees in the hedge have slender reaching branches, good for whirring in a fast breeze: hear that soft rustle, that low song: follow it into a dream, head on a pillow of folded arms.


Geo. said…
Beautiful photos and prelude to calm upon folded arms. My meditations require my head to loll back with its tongue out but I am learning this less unsightly technique.
Lisa Southard said…
Calm Upon Folded Arms is more aesthetic, but one must beware the earwig invasion. Loll Back With Tongue Out is rarely so troubled, unless there are clumsy or over curious spiders nearby. Happy meditations are wished, either way :-)

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