Five Songs Of Summer

Castle Beach, with my daughter, 1990

One: The first sounds of summer are not song, exactly, but I can't ignore them. They are too entwined in this experience of life. My strongest sounds of summer are primordial: waves that wash slow over quartz pebbles and medium grain sand; chirrups of split tail birds; the breeze idling though a full-leafed tree. After this I think of beach chatter: what you hear when your eyes are closed in full sun, when the beach is busy, that blend of every human social vocal. There are human musical sounds that evoke summer things too, though, stuff you could put on a mix tape. There are:
Two: Kelly Marie. I Feel Love. Because disco works best in the heat, because this is the song I associate with going on the Waltzers at the travelling fair. Sequins, candyfloss, coloured light bulbs spinning. Walking in a wonky line with innocently sticky knees; everything smells of sugar, onions, cigarettes, fruity lip gloss. 
Three: Janice Joplin. Summertime. An obvious title, but I love it. The ease of a fine summer and the emotive gravel of voice. There's never been a time when it didn't work for me.
Four: Nina Simone. Feeling Good. August 2007. My friend Ian sang this while I was walking down the aisle of a former slate mine. Mr was waiting at the end of that aisle. (And when his nearly bride stepped up on the staging to stand by his side she whispered 'Don't look at me' because she didn't want to cry. So they giggled instead.)
Five: Kate Bush. The Red Shoes. I think this album was an autumn release, but the eponymous song was one I danced to frequently, in my kitchen of course, with a coffee pot close at hand, the year I was finishing my clever degree. Dancing plus coffee equals Ideas. And did I leave college to get myself a securely salaried job? Nope. The red shoes do not quit.

Castle Beach, date unknown.
I grew up here :-)


Geo. said…
Beautiful. You realize, don't you, the dragon began in the form of that forested outcropping at Castle Beach.
Beautiful post. I love the top photo, and your first entry. Music didn't arise out of a vacuum. The sounds of the seasons came first.
Cherdo said…
The first appearance of Kate Bush on the bloghop! Awesome. Dancing plus coffee DOES produce ideas. :-)

Janis Joplin was in rare form when she did Summertime; I love that one, too.

Great post!
Suze said…
Lisa, this was truly lovely. I immediately got a mental image of you walking down the aisle to Ian's crooning. Excellent selections.
StratPlayerCJF said…
Sounds like your mix of summer sounds should also include a coffee pot percolatin'. :)

Beautiful list! And I find it wonderful how your gorgeous descriptions can evoke the songs (and sounds) in my head more effectively (and more intimately) then a linked YouTube video. That's what they call "good writin'!"
Luanne G. Smith said…
I adore Kate Bush. And of course summer and the beach go together. I don't blame you for including the sounds of nature. Good call. :)
What a wonderful post! As always, your words paint wonderful images, especially in your first entry. Beautiful! Great choices all the way around.
Beach waves - now that's a great choice. They can sound like music.
Trisha said…
I am going to have to go and listen to all of these songs. But as it is, I really loved your descriptions. :)
Stephanie Faris said…
Disco always takes me back to childhood, especially songs like I Feel Love. My mom worked for a record company and she'd bring home demo albums. Most of them were disco, so I spent a lot of time listening to disco in my bedroom on my record player when I was a tween.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you all for the fun of the blog hop and your always appreciated commentary- sorry for the group response I am having some hardware trouble that will hopefully be resolved in August- till then everything is running stubborn and slow (but at least it is running!)
Also getting The Novel closer to being presentable :-)
Deniz Bevan said…
Oh! You're right about the sounds of summer. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Listening to the waves on the shore as I fell asleep at my grandmother's house every summer... Aww. I miss that.

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