Spontaneous Evaporation

Roused reluctant by the alarm I set; am dressed before any real wakefulness arrives.
Here I am on the doorstep and seem prepared, so Dog and I walk the lanes before it gets too hot.
Over the river a tube of mist thickly sits: I wonder if the river itself is all mist. I wonder what the fish do about that.
Habit kicks into a run halfway round. Dog has that roll to her eye that says she will oblige even though you are clearly wrong.
Perspiration reaches saturation point. Stop running, before I turn to mist.


klahanie said…
Yes, it has been a long time since I um graced you with one of my comments.

What have I 'mist'?

And thus, the oppressive heat. In fact, it's so humid, my fingers are sliding on the keeeyboard :)
Suze said…
I don't know that I'd mind turning into mist.
Lisa Southard said…
Hello Gary! You have been 'mist' :-) Not too hot for a sense of humour = good weather!
Suze, as long as you could turn back it would be fine indeed xx

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