Nota Bene

A thin breeze can't cover this heat. Cat sleeps all day, content in the shade of a garden table and the cooling roots of grass. Dog wanders between shadows, thumps a tail at the darting passage of summer birds. I tip the lounger back to find shelter beneath the sheet drying on the rotary line. How annoyed I am to need to move, or eat, or clean, or earn a living. Annoyed that coffee won't materialise by whim. Yet when I move to simmer noodles and sweep carpets and type words, when I tighten up the espresso pot and hear it bubble on the electric stove? Discernable ritual satisfaction! Back to the laid back lounger I go, chilling my little cup in the thin breeze, under the wash-line shade. Cold strong coffee I have, and the sun on my feet. Everything else will follow.


Geo. said…
Surely, an idyll well-noted and much enjoyed. My compliments!
Suze said…
'Discernable ritual satisfaction!'

:) I like this a lot. I get it. I think. :D

Also, someone recently used the words 'Nota Bene' and I was hearing and understanding their meaning for the first time. Now, this. Weird syncs of life.
Lisa Southard said…
Started the day in a genuine state of grump- not something I will tolerate for long, luckily! Rediscovered my equilibrium through actions and words, of course, and in the process also remembered where NB comes from. Think I might use Nota Bene more often in conversation, even if it's only with myself (good to know I'm not the only one who appreciates it though!) Thank you as always for lovely comments xx :-)
Suze said…
Conversations with oneself are most vital. Best to punctuate them with appreciated words. :)

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