Dog Gets Better

Dog's nose is dry as the dust laden lanes, so we drive to the river path. Common sense also chooses wading over walking, so at the river we are straight in, sliding on rocks till we're swim-deep, swimming till knees knock on rocks. Dog tacks from bank to bank, tail wagging like a loose rudder. We ogle the writhe and wring of tree roots, the sense of serpentine motion. We cheer when jumping fish full breech. All the way to the bay of the Oak Dragon these adventurers press, and each jumps twice from his whiskery nose. Each jump has a wooden nod. Even Dog clambers on the arched oak back and makes her own splash.
Back at home, Cat's food bowl mysteriously empties. Dog feigns a modicum of surprise, then sleeps in the shade of the little fir tree.


Geo. said…
Ah, I recognized Dragon Oak before you mentioned him. I wasn't there, but almost felt like I was. Beautiful writing!

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