Viva La Vita

At a loss for concentration: run through a series of small chores. Some washing is done, the pros and cons of different sizes of paper guillotines are considered. I'm surprised to find I have made the bed, and part cleaned the cooker.
What I don't do is either forgotten or not a surprise.
I am cross with Dog for ignoring me, when she pounces across the crop field in pursuit of swooping birds: she should not run through the crop, nor pick and choose loyalty. She walks back to the house at heel, on a lead, head down, tail at slow wag.
I am cross with her, she knows.
Yet that utter glee of pursuit, ears and tongue flailing, is the image that comes to me over and over, bounce by bounce.


Dixie@dcrelief said…
Maybe she picks up on the melancholy mood... this too shall pass. Love it!
Geo. said…
My dogs always had black noses of high-grade India rubber but yours has this lovely brown color --a synthetic? Neoprene? Charmed again by your photos!
Stephanie said…
You put a bow in her hair! And she is still talking to you!

My dog wrote a haiku the other day that your dog will appreciate, speaking of "owner is crabby with me."

Baths suck.
Rolling in poo is fun.

It's not in proper haiku format, but what can you expect? She is a dog. A mutt, at that. Lack of proper schooling, and it shows.

Yours looks like a supremely loved and happy pooch.
The Cranky said…
Sometimes we all need to run for a moment, heedless of everything but meeting our need.
I was fuuurrrious with one of my puppers yesterday--Ben, the one who is supposed to be "the good one"! But oh, the look he gave me this morning when I woke up--I call it his "velvet painting eyes"--melted my heart.

I agree with Stephanie--you are lucky dog is still barking at you!
Lisa Southard said…
Dog is my best therapist! Never written a poem to my knowledge, though she may surprise me yet.
I think her nose is authentic, Geo, though she may surprise with this too.
Lately she has had a haircut and therefore escaped being adorned. Tic season!
Still makes me laugh though, even with frumpy ears.

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