Impatient Alchemy

We can sing of mountains, paint the sweep of river valleys, write poetry of beach sand. Song, picture, words; they may arrive slowly, but never so slowly as the mountains itself has been pressed up from the earth's mantle, as water has grooved rock, as the waves have ground stones. Geography teaches celestial patience. I haven't quite mastered it yet. I google 'geographical explosions' just to see if I can get ground to shift faster. There's Yellowstone Calderas and the progression of events at Krakatoa: powerful stuff: terminally powerful. When the earth isn't going your way, look to space.
Here I find what I need. Stars that throw light and silver into my night.


Geo. said…
Beautiful! I too look to the stars and imagine planets around them, with great granite bones colliding to pitch mountains. If not for vast and soundless space, what a racket they'd make!
Lisa, I once had the good fortune to look into a churning volcano on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. It was so hypnotizing, the world remaking itself, that finally our guide had to lead us away...
Lisa Southard said…
Geo: Just back from some woodland adventures- heard two tree branches bashing together- that was amazingly loud! The soundlessness of space is lucky for our ears I think :-)
A volcano!! I'm mesmerised just thinking of this!!
Suze said…
'I google 'geographical explosions' just to see if I can get ground to shift faster.'


Timely post. As always, Lisa.

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