This weather does not echo mood. It draws it out.
Cloud clusters bring indecision: clouds in the mind.
Unexpected sun coincides with proximity to beach: Dog and her shadow and her reflection hurtle over wet flats of sand: I am caught in trousers that don't roll up, so my hems are drenched. Contentment reigns, curves in the blue like Dog's old tennis ball.
Later, the rain is so heavy it could flatten my car. The weight of it squeezes out tears. At home, comforting: the sound of the same rain on the lean-to roof. 


Geo. said…
Wow. I've read it three times, so wow cubed.
Lisa Southard said…
My words cubed a wow? Feel like I'm stood at a podium in a ball gown, fumbling a speech! Wow. :-) xx

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