Wooden Windows

Boarded up houses are obvious mysteries, no less fascinating for it, even if you know the reason why the boards are up and the people are out. We pass a couple, on the way out to Bude; one a casualty of the recession, one a fatality by fire. And then there’s one occupied house, a nice looking house with a tidy garden, which for some months has had one boarded first storey window. That is curious.

Maybe it’s because we live in a curious town. I have just read an article about creativity, suggesting that an aimless walk is a viable way to invoke ingenious reverie. I think, I should go on a town hike, it’s about time I stretched my words beyond the farm and the sky. Engaging with limited initial subject matter brings strong discipline to my imagination, but for balance everything must be varied.

But for now, it’s Sunday evening and the fire is lit. Mr has fallen asleep on the sofa, hands in loose fists on his lap, feet planted one shoulder’s width apart. Dog is curled in the dip of the armchair. Outside the air is post-rain fresh and the light fading. 


Amanda Heitler said…
So happy to have found you via Suze. Looking forward to reading many more of your posts.
Rubye Jack said…
I need to begin going on aimless walks. I'm new to my small town and so have been cruising the neighborhoods, which are to say the least, quite strange in that they are different from anywhere I've lived before. Walking certainly slows it all down.
Lisa Southard said…
Welcome to my blog- hope you both feel at home here- I don't think I'm quite as good a host as Suze, but I'm learning! Enjoy your wandering Rubye, and hope you settle in to your new small town :-)

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