Friday Noir

Fourth of May, 2012

Fast down the alleyway, on foot, not sure if I have missed a turn because it’s dark, although, no: I have seen that same cat stroll from the shadow of that same wall, when daylight made the place look friendlier.

Jump out of the dream in alarmed sync; disorientated but with time, this morning, to wash my face and drink leftover coffee, half a cup.

I am wearing all of yesterday’s clothes, not that Baby will judge.

She picks, interestedly, at a bit of dried sick on my jeans. ‘Lasagne,’ I remind her and she nods. After lunch she adds a bit of cottage pie to the Baby collage on my leg. The carrot is especially conspicuous against grey denim. 
It is her whimsy today to drag the nappy change bag round the front room. When I remind her that fiddling with plug sockets is not permitted, she pats the bag strap. It signals- ‘But I have a bag, the sign of a grown up.’ Then she smiles and shakes her head, for she is just teasing me with her clever disguise.

At home, the kettle boils some water so I can make the pot of coffee I am craving. I sit out under warm cloud; sleep jumps back. There’s a half-cup of liquid noir left for me to discover, auspiciously, on my second waking. 


Tracy said…
It sounds like you need a day to just hang back and relax...and actually sleep!take good care!@
Lisa Southard said…
Have caught up some sleep now- thank you Tracy :-)

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