Weary Animation

Hard gummed Baby, slimed in drool, falls deceivingly swiftly to sleep. The heat or the teeth or an unknown third option turns the night into a series of walks connecting bed and cot. As birdsong trebles through an open window, Baby is wedged into bed between grandparents. As the sun rises, she sits up, claps hands, slaps Mr Grandad on the shoulder. Rain falls heavy, it’s still hot, the birds call.
Downstairs the clock reads 5.55am. Baby rubs a piece of jammy toast over her hair. I reach for a mug the size of a god’s forearm. My sense of scale is half asleep. But it is a big mug. It is filled with a quagmire of coffee.
At this hour, caffeine is best served with cartoons.
Mostly dabbed clean of blackcurrant, Baby bobs about the room, delighted by two dogs, a drawer of toy cars, a spoon and a brick. She miscalculates clearance height under the coffee table; refuses comfort; demands comfort; slouches slowly to sleep.
Granma slow motion slouches too, after correctly guessing the Scooby Doo villain.

And A Sleepy But Gracious Acceptance:
Thank you Mr Botanist at http://thebaldpatch.blogspot.co.uk for my (second, I smugly add) Kreativ Blogger award. I will of course cheat and neatly refer to my previous facts: http://lilytequila.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/gracious-acceptance-post.html

And, in the spirit of lazy rebellion, have picked six other blogs here to check out:

Most of whom I came across because of other recommendations, prompted by sociable schemes like the Kreativ Blogger Award, so I hope my sleep deprived cheat isn’t construed as any kind of disapproval. 

(I cut and pasted the addresses, but if the link fails, please let me know- sometimes the co.uk should have been .com instead. Thank you everyone!)


Botanist said…
Oops! I didn't spot that you already had this one, and from Teresa, too. We got tagged in the same batch :)

My only mitigating plea is the length of time this has been lurking for me to pass on, and the rather busy week in the midst of it all. Doubly-well deserved, anyway.
Lisa Southard said…
Dear Mr Botanist, you are utterly forgiven. It makes me look so popular! :-)
Lynn Proctor said…
thanks so much for the mention!
Geo. said…
Glad to see you twice recognized with "Kreativ Blogger". Excellence should be rewarded. And thank you for recommending Trainride Of The Enigmas on your blog.
Lisa Southard said…
Lynn and Geo- I enjoy reading your blogs and thought other people would appreciate them too- I did a bit of a half-arsed job on handing the award on though! You are both recipients, please flaunt it, and either do or don't be obliged to pass it on :-)

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