Suppertime, And The Living Is Easy

Over the fields this morning, a hot air balloon. It is the shape of a light bulb, like the valley has just had an idea. Tethered to Fat Beagle, I follow far behind, along the top path, the closest I can get to climbing into the basket. Dog, who can be trusted to return, runs free. Fat Beagle is pleased to be out on the tasty sheep poo snack trail. The chunky tail wags.
Foxgloves are in flower, vertical globules of pinkish purple. We all go back to the house for some wholesome breakfast.

Under a wide brimmed hat, I sit, legs tucked under the pallet table, to finish shading the picture of the ink-drinking monkey. Last time I was out here the wind stole my eraser. All I could find on the ground nearby was a half chewed mouse. This did not seem a fair exchange, not for me, nor mouse. The air does not move, today, and the little body lies still in situ.

It transpires, from Mr’s venturing into town, that the letting agency write badly worded letters. The whole big scary amount is not unrefundable, just the (nonetheless irksomely expensive) credit check administrative charge. I can’t find some of the required credit check paperwork, but alternatives come to hand without the dropping of blood or tears.
The printer does not run out of paper. It clatters out financial details.

I recall the balloon, distinguish in it the escape of flight; and the mouse; the escape of not knowing. My back aches from hunching over the monkey. Tap my statements into a neat edged pile; smile; these fiddly bits, of course, of course, though boring, are of good consequence. Attitude remains the greatest escape.

Mr, me and Boy sit on the sofa as the day gets dim, eating cheese on toast. Fat Beagle snores in his basket. Sleeping Dog, from the armchair, makes huffly noises. The mouse is half full, I think, but the glass metaphor works better. And it doesn’t put you off your supper.



Stephanie V said…
Again I can walk with you along yet another path. And a balloon! What magic to find.

Too bad that lack of writing ability can make such anxiety in people's lives. They should hire a better clerk.
Suze said…
I was going to say that you may be too clever for your own good, but I recant before I even express.

I thoroughly enjoy your wit in the face of all manner of thing, LT.
Bubbles said…
Yes, I definitely need an attitude adjustment or at least to look at life through a new lens. Your blog is great because it looks at the brighter side of things. Thank you!
Lisa Southard said…
Stephanie, you are both welcome and correct!
Suze, the buzz of entertaining often jump starts my wit :-)
And hello Bubbles- if I can lead my readers to a fresh view of their own lives- job accomplished!
Thank you :-)

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