Swelter Tells The Chrysalis

When sunny days are not frequent or expected it is only polite and sensible to make the most of the lovely relaxing cheerful moment. Ideally, a kayak, a big lake and a picnic, but if it means lying in a sunshine rectangle in a bikini in the bed-sit window, then you should do it. I have, and it makes life a bit ridiculous in a very healthy way. Here I only wrestle the rusty sun lounger chair out of the Museum of Agricultural Artifacts and Sundry Articles (this is what we call the shed.) 

Mid morning quiet lazy time
Arrives, it’s too hot for cups of tea
I will find my sunglasses and drink cold
Coffee from a china cup and saucer

Smug and swelling
The fat late green
Tomatoes have been
Waiting for this extra sun

This moment can be maximised
With some effort, the reclining chair
Is heaved from the shed, I give myself
Permission to indulge in lounging

I have both book and magazine
Sun cream that smells like coconut
Pretend I’m on holiday, let my limbs
Slump, just being happy to be

Mammals and reptiles
Consummate at basking
With halfway eyelids
They float in burning air

A drowsy bee passes, overloaded
With pollens and the weight of heat
That seems to wobble it, a clumsy
Wooden puppet flight path

After a while I might look
At pictures of pretty dresses
The costume is part of how
You write the character

In these magazine dreams, I can
Review myself, paying attention to how
I enjoy the physical world, how I express
My own kind of beautiful

In my book I read a clever phrase
On the progression of dramatic styles, it
Highlights the eternal flux of the human condition
How we love and hate to change

Swelter tells the chrysalis
It is time, open up, let
Instinct press outwards
Into the unknown 


Lisa Southard said…
These pictures show some of the boggling array of stuff in the sheds- a tiny bit of it is ours, but mostly it's a history of the house owners and a testament to their hoarding skills. And the sketch of Vern is from a children's story I wrote and illustrated, it was a college project which I've uncovered recently. Vern and his bearded nemesis Hesper were inadvertently responsible for starting up running clubs.
Kwickix said…
This is a lovely literal description of summer at our house, the visuals are accurate too, unfortunately.....

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