Human sacrifice linked to wellington boots

I am a quarter of the way into the task, and have googled the history of latex. 

Butter waits in a glass dish, slid
Behind the eclectic kerfuffle of
Stuff dropped in passing, our
Annoying kitchen table anthology

Coffee cup is tipped, to see
Depictions cast in the grounds
Ripple like low tide sand flats
In repeated waving motifs

The jewels of my jam making
Fill half a fridge shelf; here are fruits
And flowers and herbs preserved
In sugar and recycled glass

Each unique speckled soft
Tan shaded scattershot
Toast crumb on the circle
Of plate rests abstractly

The history of my boots starts
With some Pre-Columbian Mexicans
Boiling latex into heavy spheres
For bloodied games of life and death

The boot chronicle continues with
The Duke of Wellington’s demands
Comfort first for feet in battle and
Afterwards, smart enough for the party

From ritualistic sacrifice, through
Cold wet war trenches, the troubled
Historiography of the rubber boot
Brightens into iconic modern lines 

Looking so swamp chic, swinging
Legs over gate, under the skeletal
Buddleia, goggling at the fogged
Pathways of precipitous fields

Droplets trace cobweb in pinpoints
Patterned like torn off lace, like
Bonkers dressed-up dancers have
Recently fled their bacchanals 


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