Back to fox poo, with an effervescent dog

I still harbour some regret over not photographing the vivid purple fox poo. I love photographs, although sometimes I do think that people are so busy taking pictures of things they forget to look at them with real eyes. Mindfulness makes the best shots. I'm not sure how I would have fully conveyed the excellent moment of catching the fox crimping out that amazing colour, but I did utterly appreciate the moment. Literally, some shit is brilliant. 

A wide blade of grass, glazed pale
In dots. There are multitudinous
Dimensions of dewdrops, these
Are comparatively large

Fox poo-pile seizes attention
Beads of undigested berry
Glint in the dawn sun, flaming
Shades of autumn

These plants; collective name
Blackberry; diverge, like
People, like breeds of dog, many
Different ways of growing

Feasibly able to uproot, to gallop
Across the field, over the hedge
This blackberry extends in arched
Tentacles, three arachnoid metres tall

Ground dwelling blackberry
Snakes the path with
Spiked tripwires; easily, sneakily
The path is commandeered

Effervescent dogs have no word for
Stop, in their enthusiastic lexicon
Communicating optimism
In leaps and bounds

The air is not in full bite
But the wind is showing
Its teeth. I pull my hands
Back into coat sleeves

In the far field, one pink
Campion blooms, out of
Seasonal step, attitudinal
Circlet of serrated petals

Walk in the eye of a cloud
Scatter the dew-gems, the
Scraps of web-lace with
Impulsive rubber clad toes

Clatter in an ash tree
Flailing, twig-breaking
Startling inelegance from the
Wood pigeons on landing


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