200: 3 stars die, 3 similes share a verse, 1 toilet break

With thanks to Boy for his scientific musings! 

Mist rises to sheep midriff
They bundle up the steep field-side
Settle under the hazel tree, survey
Perimeters of moor-land and water-vapour

Open moor-land lapses
Into mist that sidles up
Over everything but peaks
And treetops

Woken by bladder pressure 
Padding past the landing window
Sleepy eyes marvel at the
Silvering scenic sky

Point toes back towards bed
And follow them under the duvet
Where your warmth and rest are
Waiting, just slump into it

There is the boat moored waiting
At the lakeshore where I left it
This dream like a holiday destination
A revisit to a comfort zone

This enchantment of sleep puts
Me under fast, holds me fast
I will be reluctant to break the grip
The seductive comfortable mesmerisation

Hard to know at any hour if the dream
Is a distracting lie, or an alternative
Truth, either way it is experienced
It is, clearly, a personal reality

From white to black the solo
Dwarfing star has spun itself
Out, settles to a retirement phase
Of being a giant lump of carbon

Counterbalanced in a binary system
Sister-stars squabble over possession of energy
The predictable repercussion slams
Compacts internal atoms to a singularity

Like echoes in a cathedral, like bullets in
A vault, particular events vibrate, they
Ricochet, like gamma rays exploding though
Every level of your construction


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